Indian recruitment company CEO arrested in UAE

Anoher Indian global staffing agency scammer shut down. This time in UAE.

Global job racket is an apt term.

Hyderabad: Three days after a Gulf News exposé of a global job racket that reaps millions, police here have launched a massive crackdown against Indian job portal Wisdom Jobs.

Problem is, this goes on all over USA too and no one does anything about it.

UAE is now experiencing an economic decline, for the same reasons USA did – because the Indian Mafia Global Staffing Companies invaded it, worked there, and then remitted all their pay right out of the country. USA and UAE need to take the same steps China did to stop this wealth siphoning: ban all remittances.

India Inc job rackets suck $65 billion out of other countries annually.

Arrest follows an investigation by Gulf News on how the job portal was cheating people
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