Mitt Romney to replace Orin Hatch in sellout to India Incs

Wonder how much total $ Hatch ended up taking from India Inc.

We really need a full investigation of Orin Hatch.

Foreign powers continue to manipulate the US.

“As the immigration policy-fueled government shutdown drags on, new Sen. Mitt Romney has pledged to oppose President Donald Trump on any action that runs counter to public interest or misrepresents the public character of the nation, including on immigration. A good start would simply pick up where his Utah predecessor, Orrin Hatch, left off”.

“He repeatedly introduced the Immigration Innovation (I-Squared) Act, which substantially increases the availability of H-1B visas for skilled workers”.

In other words he sold out American workers to foreign IT trainees.

As we’ve known for some time, Mitt Romney is just another globalist enemy of American workers.

Indian Mafia and other foreign powers are always looking for US gov’t officials they can bribe to do their bidding.

Foreign control of USA continues. Wonder if Donald J. Boudreaux is in India Inc’s employ also.

Hatch Sends Letter to White House, Asking Trump to Host Diwali

Orrin Hatch’s farewell gift to taxpayers is an $11,000 Paris hotel bill

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