Indian Mafia: “Stefanowski’s Attack On Infosys Misplaced”

You can bet InfoSys’s PR firm paid to get this “news” story published.

Writen by an Indian propagandist, we’d better take this article apart:

“Why would Stefanowski criticize a new company coming to Connecticut, just as it’s creating jobs and building partnerships with our schools and colleges? Unfortunately, I think I know why. When Stefanowski insults Infosys, he effectively says that an Indian company and Indian immigrants aren’t welcome in our state”.

Because it’s creating jobs for Indians, not Americans, and those Indians will use their positions to move more US jobs back to India that is why.

InfoSys’s racist history of not hiring Americans is legendary.

Next, it’s admitted InfoSys is here to offshore jobs.

“Yes, Infosys facilitated outsourcing — that certainly is not a business practice I condone, but no company is perfect”.

“Stefanowski is criticizing Infosys because he’s trying to do what President Donald Trump does — baselessly incite anger toward immigrants to score cheap political points. Infosys will be creating 1,000 jobs here in Connecticut and thousands more indirectly in restaurants, retail and other local businesses. Infosys will also attract new people to Connecticut — yes, some from out of state, and some from other countries, including India. But that’s a good thing. We are a stronger, more prosperous state because we welcome people who look differently, dress differently, eat differently and pray differently. We celebrate diversity, not fear it”.

Not baselessly – 30 million jobs and $10 trillion in high tech wages stolen in 20 years from American workers. A theft on such a scale it has probably never been seen in world history before. Maybe if those immigrants moved to the US and behaved better they would not face opposition. Maybe if they didn’t move into companies built by Americans and target them for removal, they would be welecomed. One can hardly fault Americans for wanting to stop the continued plunder of their country by well know criminal nations such as India.

Most Americans know by now that India is looting the US in both remittances and industrial theft, not to mention lost taxes when L1 visa holders pay no income taxes as Senator Diane Feinstein testified before Congress in 2003.

“Immigrants who work in our state pay local and state taxes, purchase local goods and contribute to the local econom”.

No they don’t. L1 visa holders pay no income taxes. Stories of Indian H-1Bs living 8 to an apartment and sending all their pay out of the country in remittances is well-known. These workers come here for one reason: DOLLARS, which are worth a king’s ransom back in India. They come here to get dollars so they can buy luxury condos back home and retire at 30 when they return. All we get is destroyed companies.

“Unlike Bob Stefanowski and Donald Trump, I welcome foreign investment and immigrants who seek to pursue the American dream”.

“foreign investment”, “business transformation”, “international cooperation” all sound good on paper, but the reality is these people are here to take from us. Nearly every city and town they move into collapses eventually because they are siphoning what Americans built.

That’s the truth.

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