Indians corrupt other businesses too

From an Indian-American informant, we get this message:

“Also its not just the consulting business they have abused. Every possible business around indian community, grocery stores, restaurants , gas stations , film distriubution , driving Uber, Lyft, Doordash, you name it they have abused it . Especially in Illegaly Friendly States – Look at all the resturants poping up on every corner, where do they get the indian chefs from? They are all either students who cannot get a job or skilled or cruise ship employees. I dare all the Indian restaurant owners to show the payroll of all the employes. Look at all the popular restaurants paradise, mirchi, bawarchi, godavari, pistahouse, etc to name a few. All have illegal students and chefs.

Look at the illegal tamil chefs who are employed at this desi restaurant

All his biryani restaurants are owned by indian techies or students all over the us

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