InfoSys increased its H-1B hiring in CT according to Ron Hira

“Infosys is increasing its use of H-1B workers. Up 70% since 2012. Contrary to its claims, US Government data show that Infosys increased its H-1B visas.

Infosys Number of H-1B Workers (I-129) Approved by USCIS by Year
YEAR H-1B Workers:
2017 13,486
2016 12,875
2015 8,085
2014 7,976
2013 9,301
2012 7,910

Source: USCIS”

Craig Deangelo also chimed in:

“Ron Hira got figures regarding Infosys hiring of H1Bs in CT

For those who are active in the CT rally, I ran some H-1B numbers on Infosys in CT.

I ran the numbers on Infosys and found the company continues to place large numbers of H-1B workers in CT. In 2018 it applied and was approved for 371 H-1B workers in CT – all were in Information Technology occupations.

Why is Infosys still using large numbers of H-1Bs? Why are the foreign workers so inexperienced?

The vast majority (76%) of guestworkers brought in were paid at H-1B wage levels I and II, meaning the positions they were filling required little to no experience. Isn’t this the very kind of worker it is supposed to be training?

Wage Level 1 is roughly a 40% discount on the average wage in CT for that job.

Wage Level 2 is roughly 20% discount on the average wage in CT for that job.

Why isn’t Infosys hiring US workers?

These are the kinds of questions that can help provide a clearer picture of Infosys and its hiring practices“.

We know why: The Indian Mafia.

You may remember Craig from a 60 minutes interview when an Indian Mafia Disney CTO took over and illegally replaced American IT workers at that company with Title 8 violator H-1Bs and then illegally trained them, comitting visa fraud.

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