State Shuts Down Racist Silicon Valley University

From 2018

Fraud visa degree mills designed to get 100% Indians into US jobs stolen from American workers.

An Indian-American friend sent us this version from an Indian Telegu language newscast. Those best and brightest sure do look like they’re working real hard to contribute to the US economy:

100% Indians

Our Indian informant even sent us a private message about what went on there:

“this is mother of all the scamms in US or Atleasy bay area . The SVU University used to have a team of indian student employees all under one guy name Navya kanth . He has minted so much money by giving I-20 and passing the H4 aunties pass the masters even with out attending the exams that he made 10 crosres and fled to India on the fear of getting arrested by Uscis or other offescials , He even lured lot of girls by taking sexual favours and give them help with fee and passing Exams . Same with Consulting firm Micro info there used to be one guy name Appi Reddy he also fled to india now he used to have 10 guest houeses in fremont he is so well know you can serach his name you will get so many videos and info . One of the cheapest institiation to place peopel with proxy calls and fake resumes on cheap rate . Infact all the SVU stidents are fake and its big scam . try to look into it .


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