Foreign PAC $

I believe the Federal Elections Commision is required to keep and publish all such data.

However India is well known for greasing palms outside the realm of US law by using foreign bank accounts. In India it is known as ‘black money’.

Clintons did the same thing in the 90s by taking junkets there. Several US congresspeople have made similar junkets. So has Tom Donahue, Pres. of the US Chamber of Commerce.

In the 2016 election Trump raised a whopping 400 million, 75 mil of it from “outside groups”.

We need to expose and prosecute any politicians who takes foreign money from anyone.

Give the website and its photos, he’s obviously working for them. Probably has Swiss bank accounts.

On 1/28/19 4:56 PM, American Warrior wrote

We need any info on PAC money that goes for trump from India outsourcing …or Republican hindu coalition 
Does anyone know how to go about finding this out? 
Thanks, Dawn

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