Photos from Saturday’s Connecticut Techworker Coalition rally in Hartford CT

Connecticut Techwork Coalition held a rally in Hartford CT on Sat. to protest CT Governor Ned Lamont’s deal to help bring Indian job raiders InfoSys to that state to steal jobs from American workers. CT is the nation’s hub for insurance-related jobs and now that industry is being targetted by the Indian Mafia, just as Silicon Valley and Wall St. before it were. Be sure to pick up the 4 related books below.

Michelle Malkin’s co-author and former tech worker John Miano authors of the excellent book Sold Out, and Kevin Lynn, Executive Director of Progressives for Immigration Reform were also present.

Dawn Collins and Craig Deangelo who appeared on 60 Minutes to discuss the H-1B guest worker visa fraud and American worker replacement were also present.

Here are some photos from the rally:

John Miano, former tech worker and co-author of Sold Out

Kevin Lynn, Executive Director of Progressives for Immigration Reform

Jon Rob, co-founder of CT Techworker Coalition

George H. Johnson from
based in Stamford, CT attended.
Jon Rob and Kevin Lynn

Right to left: Kevin Lynn, Jon Rob, John Maino, Criag Deangelo, Dawn Collins.

Patrick Thibodeau, former ComputerWorld columnist, and John Miano, right.

You may remember a few years back Thibodeau was the first mainstream US columnist to expose InfoSys’s rampant economic terrorism on American workers in the workplace.


It turns out most of the 2008 Wall St. collapse was not caused by subprime loans, but rather by outsourcing to India Incs. global staffing agencies such as InfoSys. We now know that at least CountryWide, Fannie Mae, Citibank, and Lehman Brothers were harmed by India Inc’s incompetence. Lehman signed an outsourcing deal with India Inc. body shop Wipro and never recovered. InfoSys is now doing the same thing in insurance companies in CT, thanks to Governor Ned Lamont selling the state and its workers out. Anyone want to wager how long it will be before we hear of a ‘crisis’ in the US insurance industry?

Are H-1B visas being “hijacked” to lower labor costs? Author of the bill is “outraged”.

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