US Dept. of Ed. strips fake schools of accreditation

Some of the foreign students attending these schools are fake, just like the schools are. Pretty nasty. Fake international students and Indian bodyshops are selling fake client letters so these fake students can get US jobs.

“This about a similar university like SVU, Northwestern Polytechnic University:

Look what we found about Cognizant and L-1 visa online: “npu , herguan , all back door sex brokers ,,,,,,,,,,,,, u ** all h1 and state university guys life . Because of you all are **. And great thanks for L1 fuckers for eb1 filling scam………………. One L1 client letter from HR cognizant is 5 lakhs and swaping of wife too…………. for that client letter.”

Got it from this link:

Some basic investigation on Appi Reddy and found the following: (it’s in Telugu).

– (mostly in Telugu, it has a few videos, too. Looks like this guy is connected to Northwestern Polytechnic University, which like Silicon Valley University is a scam and enrolls mostly Indian students. In fact, students headed to these colleges were refused to board flights in December 2015).

– V6 News channel covered his company in 2015:

– He’s co-produced one Hollywood movie and a Telugu web series: (Isn’t this crazy? Did you ever think that the owner of an Indian Inc would have anything to do with Hollywood? Well, here we are.)

– His website:

– He adopted a village in August 2016 to make it 100% digital:

It was covered by The Hindu as well:


– He’s from Telanaga, is associated with TATA:

– See him here with the Telangana CM:

– Some information about his company from this link: “This company does the same exact thing! It takes in immigrant OPT students, promises them with jobs, trains them in random technology for a mere month, cook up a fake resume of 8 years and sends them to clients to fake the job! They charge the clients with 70-100$/hr for this fraudulent labor! Look them up, visit their offices, check their H1B applications, workers and their resumes! The truth is out there for you to see and save the jobs! This particular company owner is making millions by cheating the American companies as we speak!”

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