From an informant in India

“I grew up with the only idea of living in USA. ha ha ha. I am 59 still I am living in India. the reasons are not far to seek. My eldest sister went to USA when I was studying 6th grade. aftermarrying a fake. she was just 16 years while that useless fellow was an old HAG doing menial jobs just hand to month existence. theycheated us. those days and even now verification of anticidents is almost impossible. All my family dinned into my mind about the US bubble and glorified it a heaven. later when i grew up irealised it is a Life of misery. yes it is no great in INDIA either. But I have one reason to live in INDIA. If good money India is a good place to live. those days I could have walked into USA as the immigration rules were simple. later my other sisters moved to usa. nobody cared to file papers for me. they were struggling struggling with their husbands and little money. no wall are well settled but I am old. I have no desire as I lived a great life of wealth and happiness. even my mother has green card but as she is mid 80s she forsaked it and stayed back. THE PROBLEM WITH WE INDIANS IS WE HYPED EVERYTHING ABOUT USA. THEIR SHIT IS LIKE A PERFUME FOR WE FOOLISH INDIANS. EVERY NRI IS A BILLIONAIRE EVEN IF THEY ARE CLEANING TOILETS. THERE IS POVERTY THERE UNEMPLOYMENT AND JUST AS INDIA HAVE ALL PROBLEMS. A CHAI WALLA MAKES MORE MONEY THEN A SUIT BOOT NRI.AN IIM GRAD A CA IS EARNING 30 TO 50 LAKHS PM. PLEANTY OF SUCH EXAMPLES AND VERY MANY LIFE REALITIES. THERE IS CORRUPTION IN INDIA IT IS ALSO THERE TOO. THE DIFFERENCE IS WHILE CORRUPTION AFFECTS THE COMMON MAN THERE IT AFFECTS DIFFERENT STRATA OF SOCIETY. WE INDIANS ARE HATED ALL OVER THE WORLD FOR SHORT CUTS LETHARGY CARELESSNESS. WE ARE NOT INNOVATIVE. RELIGIOUS FUNDAMENTALISM POPULATION EXPLOSION POLITICIANS RED TAPISM CASTE FEELINGS ARE BUT A FEW REASONS. INDIA IS A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE IF THEY ARE PROUD OF THEIR COUNTRY. NO NATIONALISTS.LARGELY IT IS A MUTUALLY EXPLOITATIVE SOCIETY. A BRIEF VERY BRIEF INCITE THAT IS A!!. A DAY WILL COME WHEN INDIANS AND POIs will be kicked out of all countries. like in UGANDA. THEN ALL WILL SAY MY COUNTRY INDIA. SHAMELESS OPPORTUNISTS BYE.”

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