Foreign lobbyists such as rhcusa.com must be stopped. These people are not immigrants. They are foreign powers manipulating and taking over our country.

We need to outlaw and end all foreign lobbying now.

Many US politicians are working for rhcusa.com instead of the American people.

We need full FBI + DOJ investigations into all our politicians associated with this economic terrorist group.



Totally racist + bigotted. These people work for India, not America.

From rhcusa.com website:“Republican Hindu Coalition

Modeled after the highly successful Republican Jewish Coalition, the Republican Hindu Coalition (“RHC”) was founded in 2015 to be the unique bridge between the Hindu-American community and Republican policymakers and leaders. Hindu Americans in the United States come from many countries, principally India but also include Hindus from Nepal, Sri Lankan, Caribbean, Indonesia, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Australia, Africa and various parts of Europe. Additionally Hindus include all faiths like Sikhs, Jains, and Buddhists that were born in India

Extraordinary Support from leaders of Republican Jewish Coalition & Top Republican Leaders in the country

RHC is being organized under the guidance & leadership of former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich who serves as its Honorary Chairman”.

Just whose gov’t is this? Not the American peoples’.

Your govt working for foreign powers.

Wonder how much cash they’re taking from foreign powers. We need investigations

Here is the result of all that “international trade”: Americans locked out of their own job market:


Newt Gingrich (R)

Top Contributors, 2012 Cycle


In 2016 Newt took $4 million from PACs alone.

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