The Flow and the Stock in the H-1B Field — a Disturbing Development

There is a deeply disturbing development in the H-1B field, one that has been all but hidden for years. And since this is a U.S. immigration policy story it is, as one might expect, convoluted.

The news relates to the concepts of stocks and flows, previously discussed in connection with the illegal alien population .In this case, a single corporation — without an ounce of participation by the government or any notice by the media — managed to increase the national stock of H-1B workers by 7,000 workers in a single year, and did so without tapping into the substantial inward flows of new H-1B aliens.

That firm is Cognizant Technology Solutions, one of the major Indian outsourcing (or staffing) companies. These firms essentially rent tech professionals to other corporations. Back in FY 2015 Cognizant figured out something that, thankfully, its major rivals so far have not

The breakthrough or disaster (depending on your point of view) is that Cognizant found a way to expand a corporation’s H-1B workforce (the stock) that was totally unrelated to the annual issuance (flows) of H-1B approvals.”.

In other words, the India Inc Organized Crime Syndicates are manipulating and using US visa systems to inavde and take over the US – well beyond the needs of the workforce or companies’ needs.


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