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Dawn Collins Thank you very much Jon for this beautiful note.

It is such a privilege to work with and know people like you and Craig and the rest of our Team!

We are up against foreigners who want our livelihoods and Country, Congress who wants the foreigners money, corporations who want to pay the foreigners nothing and the media who is run by the corporations.

Our forefathers went abroad and fought wars to prevent what is happening in every office across the Country.

When I looked around the room last Saturday night I saw a room full of heroes. I saw men and woman who threw down all their fears and let the love of their Country guide them, from different parts of the Country, to 34 Prospect Street in Hartford CT, on a very cold night.

There was a common theme felt in the Rally room. We only needed to look at one another to realize we all understand what is happening and we all understand that together we will defeat the greed and betrayals.

I was honored to be with each and everyone in the Rally room Saturday night. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I am honored to be fighting along with you and Craig and all the members of our Teams who have given up so much to protect our children’s futures and our Country. Thank you and Craig for organizing the Rally. You both made a BIG difference! You brought the wrong that is happening to Americans and our Country into the light!

We will continue to expose all those who betray Americans and our Country in and outside of Congress and we will Prevail!!

Thank you for protecting our Country! Dawn”

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