CT Gov. Lamont taps Goldman Sachs executive as the new head of economic development

Always the banksters.


“A top Goldman Sachs executive who once testified before Congress about the financial meltdown will be the leader of a restructured agency at the state Department of Economic and Community Development under Gov. Ned Lamont.

David Lehman, a managing director of the Wall Street powerhouse, will be named Friday as head of the upgraded agency, Lamont confirmed to The Courant”.

Upgraded? Too bad it was India Inc organized crime syndicate Wipro who destroyed Lehman in the 2008 Wall St. collapse.

Looks like Lamont, Goldman, InfoSys, and a host of other Indian Mafia members are out to suck the economic life out of CT.

Do you see what is happening here? India Inc Mafia, in collusion with anti-American bankers are conspiring to move US companies to other countries.

More attacks on the American workforce.

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