Fraudhwa admits Indian workers ruined Apple’s status as “most innovative company”

Of course Apple is no longer the most innovative company in the worldit started filling up with Indian workers and industrial spies the year after Steve Jobs’ death in 2011. “The pattern” of takeover and collapse by delusional India Incs has hit Apple hard.

And India Inc super-hype poster boy Vievek “Fraudhwa” Wadhwa admits it.

As usual Indian workers have been bad for Apple. Just as they caused the 2002 and 2008 collapes, and just as they have taken a host of US companies out. US companies fill up with H-1B’s, things go to hell real fast.

Of course foreign entrepreneurs no longer need Silicon Valley – they have already stolen and exported most of our tech and industries back home thanks to the H-1B industrial spy program. In a school-yard bully sort of way, the Asian mafia laughs in your face, steals all your tech and industries, puts you out of business and then rejoices at how your companies are in decline.

And then blames you.

“The reality is that America’s most innovative company is no longer the world’s most innovative company. Entrepreneurs all over the world are producing innovations that rival what you see in Silicon Valley”.

I thought they were here to help the US economy? Looks like they didn’t perform as promised.

“This is also evidenced in the numbers of billion-dollar technology startups, or unicorns, that are sprouting up all over the world”.

What? Weibo? Huawei, which is now under several criminal indictments in the US for stealing US tech?

Not much to brag about, Asia.

Sure, now that we have educated millions of them, locked our own kids out of schools, and given them all our trade secrets via work visas and industrial theft they’re doing ok.

So what? Asia has never innovated anything.

Bank robbers are “rich” too.

Fraudhwa hypes the India Inc hype faster than they can pump cash into his black money bank account back in India.

There is always a somewhat desperate tone to Fraudhwa’s panicked voice – similar to that of a desperate used car salesman trying to sell you a used car.
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