Fraudhwa covers for the mass theft of US industry

Global trade and investment have been great engines of progress for much of the world. Over the past two decades, poorer countries reduced the gap between themselves and their richer counterparts for the first time since the Industrial Revolution, in no small part because of the opportunities opened by global trade. Technology has the same transformative potential in industries as varied as energy, health care, transportation and education. New inventions that are imminent or already here could transform the lives of billions of people for the better”.

Of course they have – they’ve looted all our industry and jobs to the tune of over $10 trillion.

What India hype-boy Vivek “Fraudhwa” Wadhwa really means is lazy slob countries have pulled off the biggest mass heist of industry in world history and have gotten away with it.

As Chinese generals said about 10 years ago “We can’t beleive what we are getting away with“.

Neither can India

The only failure of the US gov’t was to kick the India Inc looters out of the US for good.
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