Fraudhwa was fired from Relativity Technologies, then sued them for $1/4 mil

Vivek Wadhwa, founder and former chief executive officer of Relativity Technologies, has filed a lawsuit against the company seeking at least $295,000. Among the counts is wrongful termination.

It’s not wrongful termination if you’re running the company into the ground.

“I was left with no choice but to sue,” Wadhwa told Local Tech Wire.

Steve Maysonave, chief executive officer of Relativity, said the company had filed its own civil complaint against Wadhwa on June 10. He told Local Tech Wire that the company is seeking to resolve the dispute with Wadhwa out of court.

This is actually in response to the complaint we filed against Vivek,” Maysonave said of Wadhwa’s suit. He said that the firm had filed a one-page form in advance of a more formal action”.

Now you know how he got his nickname “Fraudhwa”.

He is a native of India and is a prominent leader in The Indus Entrepreneurs organization.

Wow. Talk about racist + bigotted. An entrepreneurs’ assoc. for Indians only.

Sort of like the racist Cornell Scholarships that internationally wanted criminal Ratan Tata started for Indian students only.

When it comes to racism, can’t get any more racist than India.

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