Infosys techie murder: Dealing with rape and murder on India’s IT campuses

Highly skilled and talented.

The InfoSys organized crime machine must be shut down in the USA.

In India, at top IT outsourcers such as InfoSys, rape and murder rule the day.

America sure doesn’t need any more of the criminal nation of India invading and conducting their organized crime activities in the US.

“If Indian IT companies are known for something other than innovation and big profits, it is this – beautiful and sprawling campuses. Adorned with imperial palms, exotic fountains and designer landscaping, these are sybaritic edifices to India’s economic rise. They are also a beacon of hope for the country’s young and talented

Yet, the beauty of these campuses can hardly hide an ugly truth.

From Infosys to Tata Consultancy Services, many of these companies have struggled to guard the safety of workers, a concern brought back into focus by the alleged murder of a 25-year-old woman at an IT park in Pune on Sunday.

“.Highly skilled and talented – at crime!

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