Infosys Tries to Redefine ‘American Worker’

Great article from our friends over at US Techworkers.

Organized crime syndicate InfoSys continues to manipulate the US and influence US policy – agianst the will of the American people.

Why these organized crime shops run by foreign powers are not shut down under RICO is beyond us.

The Foreign Corrupt Partices Act alone demands that these “companies” be closed immediately. Don’t be fooled by 3rd world criminals masquerading as “businessmen” under the protection of corporate entities.

What is Mr. Trump doing about this organized crime?


“Connecticut, along with Texas, Indiana, Rhode Island and North Carolina, recently entered into agreements with Infosys, an Indian outsourcing company, wherein the states promised to give Infosys state grants or tax breaks in return for the company’s promise to create certain jobs. The agreements have been questioned by various American worker groups concerned that those jobs won’t go to Americans and that Infosys will merely ship in more foreign workers, as it has done historically”.

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