New H-1B visa filing rule to favour overseas talent

In direct opposition to what he was elected to do, President Trump’s “new rule” for H-1B visa holders actually gives even more favor to foreign H-1B workers, rather than ending the H-1B industrial spy program as promised in the 2016 election.

More US job handouts for foreign workers, while American workers get sent to the curb to freeze to death on the streets this winter.

The US gov’t now represents foreign powers, not the American people.

With Trump buddy buddy with the Republic Hindu Coalition of subversive foreign it’s no surprise.

Foreign workers, companies, and the gov’t all benefit. But Trump’s America voters who put him in office get more punishment.

Just more proof Trump, like every president before him is working for foreign powers.

No wonder, because he is working for the Republican Hindu Coalition, a foreign entity.

Even the proposed electronic filing requirement will be put off a year, after which of course, American workers will have forgotten it was even promised.

Looks like the Indian Mafia is well at work inside our government, getting its way once again. They even got to USCIS director Cissna, obviously. We need to stop all foreign lobbying and all foreign PACs now.

You do as we tell you or else.

Nothing quite like foreign control of your gov’t now is there?
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