20 years of 3rd world immigration has ruined California

20 years ago California and San Francisco were ideal paradises. It was a joy to live there.

Back then we were promised the mass flood of third world “guest” workers (who never left) would be a boon for California and the US. Back then the US had a booming economy, zero homelessness, and a tax surplus.

But not today. Today California has the lowest quality of life of any state in the US, and now, San Francisco has become a hellhole of homeless and drug users. No one wants to live in CA anymore.

The grand mass wealth redistribution program called globalization has been a boon for the 3rd world – they got all our industries for free, while we did all the work, and built everything. These countries are rapidly enjoying a better standard of living than the US does. The mass industrial siphoning of the US and invasion of remittance-hungry 3rd world populations has ruined CA and ruined San Francisco.

The verdict is in: mass 3rd world immigration has been a disaster for the US and for CA. People are now fleeing in droves.

“If San Francisco is so great, why is everyone I love leaving?

We are witnessing two migrations: One is a continuation of the California dream. The other no one talks about, though it affects nearly everyone I know.

There’s something not normal, however, about the number of people who have taken flight out of California in the past year or so”.

Of course it’s not normal – no one wants to live in that ruined 3rd world hellhole state.

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