India restricts Amazon

Who’s protectionist now India?

Free movement of goods and people right India? Right Tom Friedman?

Hey Tom, where is your book on how protectionist India is? I don’t see it listed on Amazon anywhere.

“ Inc. and Walmart Inc.’s grand plans for India were thrown into chaos on Friday after the country implemented new e-commerce regulations, which could cut their growth in the market by as much as half this year.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government tightened rules for the retail giants after strident complaints from small shops and domestic sellers“.

The equivalent in the US would be to restrict Indian H-1B job robbers, but instead the opposite has happened.

Once again, far from a globalized world, Asian countries get a free pass, and special treatment. Is it any wonder they are “growing” given the rigged globalization game against the US. If we truly had free world trade, the Asian countries would be flattened in a second by US powerhouses like Amazon.

They can flood our marekts without restriction, but heavily restrict our companies there.

Shut up and compete, India.

It’s time to start putting restrictions on the India Inc bodyshops who are destroying the lives of small American workers and domestic US families.

Fair trade, India, fair trade.

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