Data suggests Indian firms are backing away from the H-1B visa

As they should. After all, they were only supposed to be temporary Y2K visa workers, not move in, set up shop, and remove all American tech workers from the US economy.

But don’t worry, just as with the switch to L1 visas, which have no limits, when the H-1B increases of 2001 sunset, the India Inc Organized Crime Syndicates will scheme some new way to loot around H-1B and keep the ‘loot and remit’ pipeline into the US economy going.

It’s how they roll.

The chart also shows Apple is now filling up with 32,000 H-1Bs. When Steve was still alive Apple only hired 1,400 H-1Bs. Not surprisingly, Apple had its first quarterly revenue drop in 20 years recently.

Companies fill up with H-1Bs from India, everything turns to shit.

The smartest people in the world our brilliant companies can’t do without, for sure.

What a looting scam H-1B is for India. A nation of wannabe con grifters who latch on to any shiny object they can find and suck the life out of it.

Early Apple, definitely not built by immigrants.

Certainly not built by the Indian Mafia.

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