Republican Hindu Coalition Offers to Raise $25 Billion for Trump’s Wall to ‘Protect Our Children’

But we can guarantee you it’s only in exchange for promises from Trump that he won’t restrict the H-1B cancer from India consuming our nation. Problem is, Trump owes this clown a debt because his contributions helped get Trump elected.

File under “The wiles of foreign influence”.

“New Delhi: The world may be criticising Donald Trump for his immigration policy, but the President of the United States of America seems to have found a few friends in the South Asian community there, especially Indians.

The friendship is such that some from the community are offering to raise $25 billion to help build Trump’s wall.

The Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC), an organisation led by Chicago-based businessman Shalabh Kumar who is close to Trump, is holding a rally on June 13 to make the White House aware of their billion-dollar offer and also to ensure that America gets to know about the DALCA, or Deferred Action for Legal Childhood Arrivals”.

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