Trump’s new electronic H-1B filling requirement is fake, postponed

The last thing the Indian Mafia wants is an electronic system where every one of their looting job robbers can be tracked and monitored by the US gov’t. Since most of these criminals sneak in on fake visas and fake degrees, then disappear into the US and open their own “global staffing agencies”, the last thing they want is to be monitored.

Now USCIS has put on hold the new H-1B electronic filling requirement. In a year it will be forgotten and never implemented. Nothing will be done.

Trump is a fake liar and won’t do anything to reform the H-1B fraud system. He only looks like he wants to. He just made promises because he wanted to be president. The reforms are put in place, then shelved. Might as well do nothing.

The H-1B India Inc Mafia continues to get its way, plunder the US, and target Americans for removal from the workforce. India is using our own visa system to invade and take over our country, unopposed.

They’ve crapped up their own country, now they want ours.

Thiago Santiro shared a link.

“Trump and his administration want to make it appear that they are assisting USA workers but they are not, and by not utilizing the now REQUIRED online H-1B registration process is another example of Trump making India first through the RHC’s (Republican Hindu Coalition) orders. The required online registration process for 2020 H-1B applicants was to include pre-registration screening of H-1B applicants. By not using the new online registration process employers can instead submit a flood of paper petitions with no prior pre-screening of applicants making it difficult to filter and select the qualified candidates. For 2020 the new H-1B “selective” hires under the newly released and revised Trump administration H-1B selection and hiring rules will be no more qualified than in previous years due to not using the online registration”.

The Indian Mafia manipulates the US gov’t again. Not even Trump can stop them.

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