Not India Inc related but still relevant nonetheless.

The H-1B industrial spy program essentially exists to allow our enemies to steal our knowledge, tech, and industrial secrets and move them back to their own countries. India and China are the two biggest users of the H-1B industrial spy program.

“Washington (CNN)In August 2015, an electrical engineering student in Chicago sent an email to a Chinese national titled “Midterm test questions.”More than two years later, the email would turn up in an FBI probe in the Southern District of Ohio involving a suspected Chinese intelligence officer who authorities believed was trying to acquire technical information from a defense contractor

The eight — naturalized US citizens originally from Taiwan or Chinahad worked in science and technology. Seven had worked for or recently retired from US defense contractors. The complaint says all of them were perceived as rich targets for a new form of espionage that China has been aggressively pursuing to win a silent war against the US for information and global influence.

It’s part of a persistent, aggressive Chinese effort to undermine American industries, steal American secrets and eventually diminish American influence in the world so that Beijing can advance its own agenda”.