AT&T Continues Laying Off Americans After Profiting Billions from Tax Cut

India Inc outsourcers continue tearing through US companies, argetting Americans for removal.

Corporate America has quite a rigged racket going. Get tax cuts from taxpayers, the save even more by laying off American workers and shipping jobs to India.

No wonder we are $22 trillion in debt.

“CWA union officials said that while AT&T has reported massive profits and received billions from the 2017 tax cut, the corporation has continued outsourcing Americans’ jobs to foreign countries like Mexico, India, and the Phillippines.

AT&T Continues Layoffs of More than 16K Americans to Outsource Jobs via @BreitbartNews @JxhnBinder

— FAIR (@FAIRImmigration) August 31, 2018

“AT&T continues to earn astronomical profits and those profits are not being invested in the communities that it serves and the workers who provide that service,” CWA President Chris Shelton said in a statement. “Americans handed over $20 billion in tax cuts to AT&T because CEO Randall Stephenson promised to invest in America and create jobs. All that AT&T has created is dividends for its wealthy shareholders. We were misled, and Congress should investigate.”

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