Dallas Indian invader Manan Shah shows how to scam the H-1B visa to “do any business”

Well, that is illegal. H-1B is for “specialty occupations” only, not “any business”.

This fraud in Dallas is selling services coaching looters in India how to use H-1B to “do any business”.

Start a yoga studio, start a dance studio, or some outsourcing India business“.

He shows you how to do it “legally” by starting your own company once in, then filling for your OWN visa for your OWN company.

Total manipulation and fraud!

H-1B has become a wide open mass immigration program!

Yep. That is how they roll – get into the US for a “specialty occupation” on an H-1B visa, disappear, then immediately start their own business, even opening “global staffing agencies” so they can file for more mass invasion visas.

Many of them will start offshore global staffing companies, target Americans for removal from US jobs, then ship those jobs back to their pals in India.

In other words, using H-1B to actually remove jobs from the US, rather than helping the US economy.

The whole program has become a massive open borders fraud!

This fraud manipulator needs to be arrested.

Are you listening Trump and DHS? If not, then what are the American people paying you for?

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