Former immigration lawyer Stuart Anderson loves some laws, but not others

Former immigration lawer and Forbes propagandist hack Staurt Anderson continues to push his H-1B agenda.

Too bad for him he only advocates enforcing some laws but not others.

Forbes has become a mouthpeice for globalization. Cancel your subscription now and boycott these traitors into oblivion.

New H-1B Rule Likely Unlawful And More Costly For Employers

What about the costs of the H-1B program to American workers who spent decades building the industry? Is the US made up of only companies and employers?

What about equal protection under the law Stuart?

Or are you in favor of enforcing some laws and not others?

Goel: No, quite the contrary. Rather than advocating for legislation that could address the shortfall in visas for highly-skilled foreign workers, the Trump administration is instead behind a massive spike in denials of employment-based visa petitions, and new executive orders, policies and regulations that make it easier for the agency to deny even more petitions and penalize workers left without legal status. Simply put, the Trump administration has systematically built an invisible wall around the United States and put up a sign telling foreign-born scientists and engineers, “Go away, we’re closed.”

Well you’d put up a wall too if your house was being robbed by foreign invaders.

Maybe Mr. Anderson should read:

8 U.S. Code § 1182. Inadmissible aliens

Unless of course, he advocates only enforcing some laws.

Anderson, like Feinstein is probably working for communist China or India, or both, which use fake visa-mill universities to issue fake advanced degress, and then jam their industrial spies into US companies to loot our trade secrets back home.

Founder of Silicon Valley visa-mill university arrested

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