Google employees’ trust in Pichai’s leadership declines

As usual, everything the Indian mafia touches turns to crap.

Sundar Pichai, Google’s current CEO has undermined the company with all of his machinations and manipulations by using Google to censor the truth and cover up Google’s corporate-wide race discrimination that favors Indians.

You can only con people, even “dumb Americans” for so long before they catch on.

It’s the nature of Indian culture and society to scheme and scam. Everything is turned for an ulterior motive with these people. Always.

Definitely not the best and brightest the USA needs.

Besides, the real purpose of having Indian CEOs in American-built tech companies is to use them to help India – a subtle new form of communism. Americans build the companies, Indians take them over and use them to their own ends.

How typical these days.

Heisting companies built by Americans for India to benefit from.

Loot and remit.

In India the clowns were fined $21 million for search bias.

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