H-1B changes will simplify application process

Trump is working for India.

Winning – at least for other countries.

There, we said it.

That’s the reality.

Rather than “Ending forever the H-1B as a source of cheap labor” as promised in the 2016 election, Trump is doing the exact opposite.

The new H-1B “rules” issued by DHS make it even easier for foreign students to rob US jobs out from under Americans, and even easier for India Inc Organized Crime Syndicates to get H-1Bs – the exact opposite of what Trump promised.

The new promised electronic registration system has been postponed for a year – a system designed to allow the govt to track every single one of these parasitic job robbers entering our country. Indian mafia sure isn’t going to allow the tracking of its loot and remit criminals running rampant all over the US.

And now the new system speeds up India Inc global staffing firm H-1B applications which means more of them will flood in even faster.

Thanks Trump, for selling out to the Indian Mafia once again.

You are a traitor, just like the past five presidents before you.

As president your job is to represent the American people, not foreign powers.

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