Jeb Bush Praises Trump’s Boost for H-1B Outsourcing

Trump is turning out to be an even biger sellout than Bush was.

It’s a good-ol-boy cheap labor congame and you aren’t part of it.

“The GOP establishment’s champion in the 2016 primaries, Jeb Bush, is praising President Donald Trump’s upgrade to the H-1B outsourcing program.

“New H-1B rules would result in up to 5,340 more immigrants with a master’s degree or higher getting selected for a visa,” Jeb Bush tweeted February 1. “A good change in policy.”

Bush’s endorsement is a problem for Trump, who ran against Bush’s pro-Wall Street policies”.

Too bad most of those so-called advanced degre holders are fake.

Jay BEST day ever

“I’m so sick of having immigration shoved down our throats. The vast majority of American people want this mass immigration to stop but our political leaders don’t give a damn what we want“.

Hedley LaLarr eddie7000

“Trump has no excuse for this betrayal. I could care less now if the Democrats impeach him but they won’t . He’s obviously been part of the globalist team”.

Working hard for India, not for American workers.

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