rhcusa.com Rally in DC

Nothing quite like Y2K visa overstayers temporary guest workers invading your country, forming PACs, then telling your gov’t what to do now is there?

John Watson shared a post.

“Organizations like the Republican Hindu Coalition and Immigration Voice are proof that here in the United States we have the best government money can buy. . . On February 10th the RHC will attempt to stage a rally on grounds of the White House to push for the displacement of U.S. citizens from their good middle class, white collar jobs.

The below flyer claims this is the “last chance to be heard” by those who have been gaming and abusing U.S. employment visa programs like H-1B, OPT, L-1, and others. Going point by point, these are the mischaracterizations and outright lies found within this flyer:

Goals: WRONG! These are not highly skilled immigrants. The vast majority of H-1B visas applications are for very ordinary workers with only 8% going to those who are highly skilled and at the top of the wage level scale. In fact, 26% of H-1B applications are for positions that require only an Associates (two-year) degree. What is “merit-based” about an immigrant who is delivered to this country whose sole purpose is to displace an American worker. Tech, Insurance, banking, healthcare, and other industry groups collude with foreign outsourcing agencies like Infosys and Tata Consulting Services to deliver workers who are willing to work for 20 – 40% less than U.S. workers in the same job. The same businesses then collude with and influence our electeds in Washington to increase the number and categories of visas and sweeten the pot by holding out the promise of citizenship to these easily exploitable immigrants.

Support: President Trump wants merit-based immigration and those here on an H-1B are not here on merit. The support of 329 members of Congress only demonstrates our federal government is a kleptocracy. The elimination of country caps goes against the principle of fairness and diversity.

Support: The Goodlatte bill went down in flames and didn’t have enough support to pass even the House.

Support: POTUS’ tweet mentioned highly skilled, not ordinary workers. The removal of country caps which is how RHC intends to “clear the green card backlog” being attacked by dozens of organizations and millions of citizens. Some of these groups include UC-Student Workers Union, South Asian Americans Leading Together, Philippine Nurses Association, Muslim Public Affairs Council, Leading Age, Korean Americans in Action, Canadian American Bar Association, Protect US Workers, and the American Hospital Association.

Now is the time for all U.S. citizens to ontact their electeds in Congress. Even if your Congressperson was supporting H.R. 392 in the past, they still need to hear from you. Big business and their lobbyists pay big dollars in campaign contributions and advertising because they do not have that one thing every citizen has -THE POWER OF THE VOTE. Make it clear to your elected that if they continue to knuckle under to special interest, they will be voted out of office”.


Too bad most foreign lobbying is illegal under the foreign Corrupt Practices Act and that rhcusa.com is in violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

But there you see it, Trump shaking hands with them.

Oh – and wage-fixing is also illegal.

Not keeping promises to American workers to end H-1B as a source of cheap labor.
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