2nd Apple Engineer Caught Stealing Trade Secrets for Chinese Companies

Not India related but relevant nonethelress.


“A second Apple engineer has been caught stealing trade secrets with the intent of selling them to a Chinese-based company. This is the second time Apple has caught one of its employees stealing information to sell to a Chinese company since July.

Jizhong Chen was caught taking photos with a wide angle lens inside a secure work space, according to Bloomberg. When caught, Chen admitted he’d both taken photos and backed up some 2,000 files to his own laptop. Said files included manuals and schematics for Apple’s self-driving vehicle technology, and Chen had already applied for a job with a self-driving vehicle company without Apple’s permission or knowledge“.

H-1B is an industrial spy program for India and China. It needs to end now. All foreign “global staffing agenciesneed to be closed down now.

Are you listening Mr. Trump? How about you Dept. of Justice?

And Mr. Cook, you are suiciding Apple by caving into the SJW “open” diversity bullshit. What would Steve think of you now Mr. Cook?

How do these corporate suicides happen? H-1B industrial spy program, that’s how.

“IP theft via corporate espionage and forced technology transfers are not the same thing, but the Trump Administration is pushing back on both. Last November, the US indicted Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit Co and United Microelectronics Corp (UMC, a pure-play foundry) for the theft of an estimated $8.75B in intellectual property from Micron”.

Invade your competitors, steal all their business, start your own with the stolen goods, put them out of business, then claim they are too dumb to do technical work.

It’s how the criminal thief nations of India and China roll.

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