University of Farmington|| Immigration Attorney || Santhosh Somireddy Scams The System

20745 Williamsport Place
Suite 390 Ashburn, Virginia 20147

H-1Bs from India get in, become laywers, then scheme the system on how to get more H-1Bs in.

H-1B has become a wide open mass immigration program manipulated and controlled by India.

It’s not a program for the use of American companies. It is now controlled by India.

“Buy time to stay in the country and work”.

“Just looking for options””.

Yep. game the system. The hour-long jabbering scheming is unreal.

Just whose visa system is this?

Telugu NRI Radio

Listen to countless Indian schemers call in and ask how to scam the system to stay in or get into the US.

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