US fake university: India anger after students arrested

Thanks to Kevin Lynn over at the excellent US Tech Workers for alerting us to this story.

Criminal looters from India sure do get upset when you catch them in the act, don’t they?

Invade someone else’s country, loot their industries and companies, then get angry when they catch you in your crimes.

Only IQ82 Indians have this warped sense of justice.

“India has made a diplomatic protest to the US after 129 Indian students were arrested for enrolling in a fake university.

The University of Farmington, advertised as based in Michigan state, was run by undercover agents from the Department of Homeland Security to expose “pay-to-stay” immigration fraud”.

As usual they feign innocence.

“Prosecutors say those who enrolled knew that the facility would be illegal. However, Indian officials say the students may have been duped”.


We’re not buying it.

India is a lawless, criminal nation for the most part. They knew exactly what they were doing. The Indian prestige-seeking “clamor” for US jobs is out of control. The dot-com boom and high-paying tech jobs have attracted these people like roaches to our industry and country.

They will do anything to get into and stay in the US and work.

Most India Incs are “desi predator” “global staffing companies” preying on US tech jobs created by Americans.

Consider the depth + looting of the racist + bigotted Indian Mafia operating in Silicon Valley:

Gates with Satyam Indian mobster who went to prison

100% Indians

Tata‘s 100% Indian scholarships @ Cornell U.Racist + bigotted.

100% Indians

Indian actor in L.A. who stabbed his girlfriend and went to prison.

Indian Mafia conman Sarvesh, left, of APEX Technologies who went to prison in NY for bribery.

“Sue” Sachdiva who went to prison for 6 years for stealing from headphone maker KOSS.

Raj Gupta who helped cause the 2008 Wall St collapse.

Top 10 Medicare perps in US are all Indians.

InfoSys was fined $34 million in 2016 for human trafficking

100% Indian global staffing agencies which is illegal under US law

Insde IBM India. 100% Indians. Totally racist + bigotted. – 100% Indians. Violates US laws.

100% Indians. Illegal under US law. Where is the EEOC?

Fusion Garage Indian founder looter conman who tookMichael Arrington for $40 million and fled to Singapore.

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