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Jayaram KR “this doesn’t represent India or “India Inc.” (which is short for all indian companies, just like “Corporate America” is for the USA). It’s just a blog started by some random person.

The blog claims — “This blog is designed to follow news and events in the US related to the invasion and takeover of US companies by Indian companies.” It is started by people intent on inciting hate towards ALL Indians and Indian companies, even those who have no business to do with the USA!

No, as stated on our About page this blog is for the purpose of tracking India Inc Organized Crime Human Trafficking US law-violating India Inc bodyshops and “global staffing agencies” such as Tata, Wipro, InfoSys, Mastech Digital etc. all of whom are discriminating against skilled American workers and violating US law – operating inside the USA. We could care less about Indian companies who are not doing business with the USA.

We all know the vast majority of these India Inc bodyshops are in violation of US Federal law and criminal statutes. Nowhere did we ever claim to “represent India Incs”. We are an India Inc watchdog site, not an India Inc site. We are sure you are highly skilled + talented enough to understand our purpose.

As for hatred for one group or race, that would be India, which hates white people due to British colonization 150 years ago.

InfoSys was told not to hire Americans, and fined $34 million for human trafficking and visa violations. Targetting Americans for removal from the job market in an industry they built, in their own country, by Indian-only India Incs is a hate crime. The purpose of this blog is to expose that behavior in the US.

Most India Incs are not only comitting fraud crimes against Americans and targetting Americans for removal in the workplace, they are also engaging in rampant racism in the IT industry. Walk into any India Inc or even many US companies built by Americans and you will find 99% Indians.

We know you are doing it, you know you are doing it.

You came to our land first under false pretenses (Y2K temporary workers), and took over our companies and industry and threw us on the streets illegally. It is you who started a hate crime race war, not us. We are merely exposing what you are doing and that is all.

India Inc’s + NASSCOM’s false, defamatory PR claims that Americans are not skilled enough to do IT work are patently false and illegal since Americans, not Indians built Silicon Valley. Defamation of American IT workers is just one more of India Inc’s crimes we are exposing.

We are also exposing your failures in the US economy which have destroyed countless profitable US corporations and/or moved US jobs back to India. Industrial Espionage is also a Federal crime under US law. We are exposing your industrial theft crimes.

India Incs are also engaging in illegal wage fixing and are in violation of prevailing wage laws, a requirement for H-1B use. Since 74% of all H-1B visas go to Indians, you are obviously the culprits.

That is why you are being targeted.

Stop the crimes, you will stop being targeted.

India is the most hate-filled racist country on earth, and we are simply exposing your racist and illegal corporations which are organized crime operating inside the US.

In our country.

On our soil.

This our country, you are temporary guest worker Y2K visa overstayers here, and we will not be silenced or tolerate your crimes on America any longer. H-1B is not a mass immigration program for India, although you seem to think it is.

India Incs also caused the 2002 and 2008 economic collapses in the US. You didn’t perform as promised, and we are exposing that.

Why is it ok OK Mr Azim Premji, founder of Wipro to go on MSNBC and defamitorily state that “America does not have the talent” when it was Americans who created Silicon Valley? Defamation is a crime under US law. Why is Mr. Premji walking around scot-free after his hate crimes on American tech workers? Talk about inciting hatred towards one group. Look in the mirror.

Or this from Collabera:

We are not ‘inciting’ anything – we are merely exposing your crimes. If India Incs are not violating US laws, then you have nothing to worry about, right?

You started this.


100% Indians in USA. Racist+bigotted:






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