An F-1 student visa becomes a work visa through “Curricular Practical Training”

Now Kentucky schools are being invaded by the Indian Mafia. Most companies in the state will be invaded + taken over next as the India Inc mafia companies such as InfoSys, Tata, etc. tear through US companies, targetting Americans for removal.

“These programs allow international students to take classes anywhere in the US, come to the campus on just one weekend per semester, and work for companies in the US from the first day of the program.

Is it legal?

US Department of Homeland Security has shut down several institutions that created sham programs to attract foreigners looking for a way to work in the US. These so-called visa mills helped students obtain work authorization without offering a real course load.“.

Not exactly highly-skilled and trained now are they?

So we’re filling up our best jewel tech companies with faking frauds who don’t really have a good education. No wonder so many US comapnies have been driven under in the past 20 years.

The fact is student + H-1B work visas are mass job redistriution programs for the 3rd world.

We are being invaded.

Perestroika: New Thinking for Our Country and the World

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