Cringley: How Silicon Valley Can Sidestep Trump H-1B Visa Restrictions

“Silicon Valley is getting more than a little nervous that one of its favorite mechanisms for keeping wages low, H-1B vias, is likely to be severely curtailed by the Trump Administration. Industry stalwarts are raising false alarms that tightening requirements would deprive tech players of “talent” and “specialized skills” that they allegedly cannot obtain elsewhere. However, as Robert Cringley points out in a new story, they look to be able to maintain virtually all of the benefits of the status quo by using a not-as-well-known visa, the L-1B visa”.

Of course India Incs switched to L1s by the millions in Oct. 2003 when the 2001 H-1B Clinton-era visa increases went into sunset. But of course the US gov’t doesn’t even track the number of L-1 visa holders in the US, nor are there any numerical restrictions on L-1s. India Incs bring them in without restriction.

The real question is: why haven’t illegal wage-fixing Alan Greenspan and Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donahue been arrested for Federal crimes yet? Wage-fxing is illegal under US law.

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