Open Borders-Cheap Labor Advocates Ignore 6 Million ‘Missing’ American Workers

By Joe Guzzardi

“On February 24, in what looks like it might have been a coordinated effort, two longstanding open borders advocates posted pro-amnesty blog posts. Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue and former INS Commissioner Doris Meissner wrote that the blanket amnesty Congress has been mulling for months must go forward. To stall further, according to Donohue and Meissner, is against Americans’ best interests.

Donohue and Meissner referenced all-too-familiar misinformation as part of their tireless efforts to persuade House GOP representatives and unconvinced Americans. Echoing the cheap labor lobby’s sentiment, Donohue insisted that businesses “can’t find sufficient numbers of qualified and interested Americans through rigorous local labor market recruitment.” Furthermore, Donohue contended that “support for reform has never been stronger.”

Or they just don’t want to since they can get H-1Bs from India Incs for $1.21/hr.

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