Tom Donohue, U.S. Chamber of Commerce on outsourcing + offshoring

Tom Donahue, President of US Chamber of Commerce + Alan Greenspan need to be arrested for wage-fixing, which is a federal crime.

Of course the primary way wages are illegally kept low is by oversupplying the labor market with millions of H-1B and L-1 guest worker visas from India, and allowing India Inc “global staffing companies” to open up and operate in the US.

Are you listening Mr. Trump + DOJ? Why aren’t you arresting and prosecuting illegal wage-fixers in the USA? Are we a nation of laws or not?

Donohue: By taking advantage of greater access in new markets, U.S. companies, particularly manufacturers, have been able to strengthen their bottom lines; reduce consumer prices, focus on more profitable operations, and create new and better jobs here at home“.

Too bad the propagandist for the US corporate machine is lying, which is what his lobbyists pay him to do.

Of course offshoring is better for corporate America’s bottom line. But creating new and better jobs here at home?

Like what kind of new and better jobs? The best jobs in America were IT jobs most of which have either been shipped to India now, or occupying by India Incs on US soil here at home.

America has lost 30 million good jobs in mfg. + IT since 1998 when the Clintons and the Chamber of Commerce gave away our industries to Asia.

Donahue needs to be arrested immediately for crimes on America.

And it profits US companies nothing if we end up in a world war with China and India, which is what they are planning once we have been sucked dry by them.

Lenin called people like Donahue “Deaf, mute, blind men”.

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