US Chamber of Commerce Might Not Be What You Think

People seem to listen to you more when you’ve got a bagful of cash.

– Tom Donahue

Of course it isn’t. It exists for one purpose only: cheap labor for America’s business interests.

CoC President Tom Donahue is clearly in violation of Federal anti-wage-fixing laws and should be arrested for violations thereof.

Wage-fixing is completely illegal under US law, but that is exactly what the US Chamber of Commerce is primarily engaged in.

Arrest Tom Donahue now.

“As the nation’s largest lobbying group, the US Chamber — which accepts funding from companies like Gap Inc. and Target — is one of Public Citizen’s biggest fish to fry. The Chamber and its affiliates spent close to $104 million on lobbying in 2016, “More than any other corporation or industry association by a whopping margin,” according to the Washington Post and the Center for Responsive Politics.

“This is the premier voice for corporate power in Washington,” Dudis says.

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