Foreign students need not worry, says Shalabh Kumar, Indian face of Trump team

Just whose gov’t is this?

The must be stopped and shut down immediately. These are foreign agents influencing US politics, which is illegal under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Under FARA alone, every registered foreign agent must disclose in all public communications that they are foreign agents.

The Republican Hindu Coalition never does any such required disclosure.

That makes them a foreign agent operating illegally in the US.

Where is the DOJ, FBI, and USCIS? Why are we paying these massive gov’t agencies if they won’t enforce the law? needs to be raided and shut down immediately under RICO laws.

And now it has come to light Trump is working for them.

Chicago-based electronics king Shalabh Kumar has an uncanny knack for picking winners. He makes a beeline for them early in the race when they are solid underdog bets.
Kumar was a Democrat before being convinced by former President Ronald Reagan on the campaign trail to become a Republican. Kumar joined the Donald Trump campaign when hardly anyone gave him a chance.”.

Or at least he claims.

A foreign power – namely India is now dictating our immigration policy.

Yeah parasites are like that. They have no loyalties and will latch on to anyone whom they think they can benefit from. Sort of like the way faking fraud Indian students get fake degrees and latch on to US tech companies created by Americans and loot them out just so they can have jobs.

Kumar also gave himself away as a closet Democrat in sheep’s clothing.

Don’t be fooled, people.

We also need to halt all student visas immediately. Most of them get fake degrees just so they can get high paying tech jobs in US companies created by Americans.

100% Indians at a fake Indian college in Silicon Valley

They sure are working hard, contributing to America’s economy.

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