Is Vivek Wadhwa an unregistered foreign agent like Manafort?

Twice-failed-sued-tech-CEO-fake-phone-survey “study” India Inc conman Vivek “Fraudhwa” Wadhwa keeps telling us how India is going to eclipse Silicon Valley.

Wow, how’s that for racist and bigotted?

Problem is he’s been NASSCOM’s and India Inc’s hype-man for 20 years and it ain’t happened yet.

And it never will.

One has to wonder if, in fact, Fraudhwa is a foreign agent for NASSCOM, USIN-PAC and India Incs.

If that is the case then he is in violation of Federal law – namely the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

If he is and has not registered as one he’s in violation of US law.

If he is one, and has registered, then he’s also in violation of FARA because it requires all communication by foreign agents to disclose the fact that they are foreign agents, which he also has not done – for example FARA would have required him to disclose this fact in the article mentioned above.

We need a full FBI/ICE/USCIS investigation into Fraudhwa and where his $ comes from. Just whom is he working for?

It’s highly unlikely a twice-failed former tech CEO could have obtained both half a dozen professorships at top US universities, and secured numerous writing and reporting jobs at top US news outlets without paid outside help.

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