Thom Hartman & Matt Welch go to battle about H-1B Visas

While Thom may be a leftist, at one point he spills the beans on the Indian Mafia operating in Silicon Valley:


Yep. It sure is. It’s also illegal under at least 3 Federal laws:

But when you’re the Indian Mafia Organized Crime Syndicates operating with suits and ties, you can get away with it. Especially if you pay off US politicians.

They’re not highly educated nor skilled. They’re desperate fake 3rd world students.

We’d like to see the source of the supposed data that 1/2 the new jobs in Silicon Valley are created by immigrants. What is the basis for these wild claims? Fraudhwa and his fake phone survey “study” of yore?


Thom: “I’m not buying it for a minute”.

Yeah no kidding. Neither are we. We know it’s India Inc Mafia that is pumping these PR lies.

Every American should have to watch this video.

And no, they don’t create jobs here, they move our existing jobs offshore, after we train them.

Especially at the Federal Reserve Bank of NY:

Wage-fixing and age discrimination in hiring are Federal crimes. So is importing H-1Bs when they don’t have the skills claimed.

But that is exactly what Matt Welch is advocating. Why hasn’t he been arrested?

Arrest Matt Welch now.

“Young enthusiastic labor”? Yep, REAL ‘enthusiastic:

They sure are working hard, aren’t they?

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