Why you shouldn’t be surprised at Trump’s immigration policy

Times of India is rejoicing at Trump’s sellout of US workers.

Trump is fully under the control of the Indian Mafia. Of course we shouldn’t be surprised.

He broke and will continue to break his election promise to reform H-1B and put Americans back to work.

India Mafia sure does love to gloat at any misfortune of America.


“The reality of action versus the abstraction of a promise to take that action has hit Americans hard. Outside the White House on Tuesday, a young white woman sat quietly as she played a speech about freedom and justice by Martin Luther King Jr from an old-style boom box. A short distance away, a pilot meditated on what he called “the slow decline of America”.

Maybe being used by Indian Firms operating America?” Maybe? How about a full 74% of all H-1Bs issued go to Indian firms. Stop covering up the truth you invading fraud looter. Green cards? They were all supposed to be temporary workers and go home when Y2K ended in 2002.

Yep, “studying in America“. At fake Indian Universties without classrooms issuing Masters’ degrees to armies of looting Indians most of whom have no degree and an average IQ of 82. All they want are jobs. All are fake.

Fatass foreign minister of India dictates to the White House that “they refrain from issuing any orders“.

Just whose gov’t is this?

Too bad Newt is working for the rhcusa.com. What a two-faced fraud.

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