“Day 1” fake CPT foreign students

Someone sent us this on how the CPT progam is falsely used to get jobs in the US for foreign students:

“These students have created the nuisance in all possible ways like following and violating rules in every nook and corner:

1: Going to college only once every month and other days work in their fake jobs

2: Work multiple jobs with their tied up consultancies and earn money for themselves illegally and their consultancy owners who are big shots with these caste companies or caste based organizations

3: Drop out of these CPT colleges once their H1b is picked up in lottery , hire their friends in same locations through these back door entries.

4: Weekends parties and violating rules on the roads, fights in public and more.

5: these students don’t even go back to country (India)  to visit coz they are afraid of their fake work CPT and work they do here.

The Government of USA should crack down on these rouges & scoundrels and get them debarred from this country and clean the job sector“.

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