Good News For Indian Techies? Trump Backs Merit-Based Immigration Laws, Praises Contributions Of Legal Immigrants

Looks like the has fully gotten to Trump.

American workers have been sold out again.

India now controls all US immigration policy.

The major flaw in the “merit-based immigration” idea is: even if these are the smartest people in the world, they are still here to move jobs back to India. They are still replacing and displacing Americans in the workforce, they are still driving down wages,a nd they are still engaging in industrial theft.

Yes, it will be good if these changes stop the Indian Mafia India Inc global staffing agencies, but it still will not solve the problems mentioned above. Industrial theft by foreign predator nations and foreign workers not paying any taxes are huge problems for the US economy. Our tax base and consumer spending base can never recover if we don’t keep our own people employed

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