Industry, Universities Hide Workforce of 100,000 Extra Foreign White-Collar H-1B Employees

All of it totally illegal.

It’s way more than 100,000. We’d say at least 5-10 million since 1998.

Where is Trump? Where is the DOJ, FBI, and DOL? If they won’t do their jobs, time to defund these agencies.

“Industry executives and university advocates have successfully duped nearly every reporter, editor and anchor nationwide about the scale and purpose of the H-1B professional outsourcing program“.

Yep. And the Chamber of Cheap Labor Commerce is at the forefront since it is the most powerful business lobby in DC.

A close second is, USIN-PAC, India’s NASSCOM, and a host of other illegal unregistered foreign agents such as ITServe Alliance, and other Indian Mafia organizations and companies.

The scale is massive – tens of millions of US jobs easily. As more and more Americans are driven out of the workforce permanently.

The simple fact is these visa programs are international training and socialism, as described in Gorbachev’s 1987 book “Perestroika”. In that book (written as the Soviet Union was collapsing in the late 1980’s) Gorbachev said “Western companies must accept foreign workers“.

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