Speech Regarding H1B and L1 Visas

He also should have mentioned American worker replacement is illegal under Title 8.

“Hello. My name is Marc Valdez, I make my home in Sacramento, and I’m a Democratic candidate for California Governor. First, I would like to thank Pete Bennett and the coalition of various organizations sponsoring this protest: Hire American Citizens, No More H-1B, the National Association for the Employment of Americans, The Organization for Rights of American Workers, and The Programmer’s Guild.

We are here today to honor the memory of Kevin Flanagan, an IT martyr in the battle against the worker replacement practices of large multinationals. Kevin’s misery is not forgotten. Hundreds of thousands of technology service sector workers have been laid off and replaced by imported workers through the H-1B and L1 nonimmigrant visa program and offshore outsourcing. The economic damage caused by these destructive practices is passed on to the taxpayer in the form of unemployment benefits, while the replacement laborers are paid below the levels they would otherwise merit”.


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